Doing Local Social Impact ThroughGood Coffee
by Freddy Castillo ­ March 2018

When you hear the word “good”, you normally don’t think anything specific; you are not over-whelmed by emotion; it is simply a passive non call-to-action word that our society has come to take for granted. Good is one of the English language’s eldest words, truly Old English. We have come to know it as a word that embodies approval, enough, fine, sturdy, strong, quality, etc. But its original meaning spawned from the word “God” and when used was meant to embrace emotions such as righteousness, benevolence, to be fortunate, have morality, and integrity, just to mention a few. It is a word meant to leave you with kindness and hope when we look into each others eyes as we walk by.

ThroughGood Coffee is a stand alone local cafe that gives you that wholesome feeling. Located right inside Houston’s N 610-Loop in between Durham and Shepherd on 27th, it’s best known for its show stopping pour-overs, drip, and batch brew along with a guaranteed smile. The scenery is dripped with vibrant colors of orange, white, brick reds, bronze, aged wood panels and an old-school chalkboard menu that leaves you with a rustic-modern feeling of something old infused with something new.

On any given day, there is a diversity of encounters for business, social, entrepreneurs, and study, all crossing paths and interacting with one another while jamming vinyl albums. At times, ThroughGood Coffee can be packed wall to wall, but still you’ll see patrons find a spot just so they can experience the multi-cultured energy that is captivated by each smile and laugh.