Paper Co - A Cafe For All
Paper Company - Houston

Coffee, Food, & Love with Paper Co. Cafe
by Freddy Castillo – October 2017

Ever have that feeling when your friends post pictures of hidden gems in town that you never knew existed and you quickly reply with…“What the french toast, where is this place?” Well that usually happens to many as they drive by Houston’s 1st Ward area where there is a bit of Houston’s past, present, and future. From the trendy remodeled Spring Street Art Studios and the Historic Winter Street Studios to Holler and Platypus breweries, and also the historic victorian style neighborhoods, old brick warehouses being redeveloped, and trendy must experience restaurants. One of those hidden gems is Paper Co. Cafe, located inside the Ecclesia building a few blocks off the corner of Washington Ave and Houston Ave.

As soon as you walk up to Paper Co you have two options of entry, a stand alone blue door that feels apart of the matrix movie, (blue pill or red pill scene, yes, showing my age, lol) or huge beautiful glass bay doors that were once shipping docks. Walking in, you smell fresh roasted coffee beans, fresh baked goods, and simply the smell of breakfast while having the best decompression space (for my marketing pros) as Paper Co is probably the most spread out cafe you’ll encounter within the Houston 610 loop. You can feel the texture of the old large brick walls, steel overhead beams, smooth concrete coated floors and quickly become impressed by their large and long tables that leave you with that Hogwarts feeling. There is also an abundance of natural light with very high ceilings, creating your one and only dilemma of “Where should I sit?” Once you have comfortably settled in, you begin to look around and notice something particular…a homeless or less-fortunate individual sharing a table with you.