A 2nd Cup - Houston
A 2nd Cup can make a difference
by Freddy Castillo – August 2017
Nestled in the middle of the esteemed Houston Heights neighborhood, lies a cafe with impeccable drip coffee, delicious lattes, filling panini’s, and warming cheerful smiles from very creative baristas, reminding you that we each are capable of having an incredible day. It’s my pleasure to share with you, A 2nd Cup. As soon as you step into A 2nd Cup, it feels as if you are walking into an organic design thinking session with announcements and info-graphics telling a bold story on each wall: #TillEveryoneIsFREE, Slavery didn’t end, Houston is a hub to sex trafficking. These wall messages resonate differently with each patron, leaving that“OMG”response because the honest truth is that Houstonians are not aware of this unthinkable scenario occurring within their neighborhoods and communities. A 2nd Cup is more than an informative coffee shop, it is an actual real-time non-profit organization using its everyday coffee funds, cup by cup, to generate awareness and raise funds to effectively fight against all forms of human trafficking while assisting other local allies such as The Landing, Elijah Rising, Redeemed Ministries, and Free the Captives.
A 2nd Cup doesn’t require a membership or sign-up. Simply show up, co-work, study, collaborate, and most importantly, enjoy your lavender latte,my personal favorite. Socially, A 2nd Cup is wide and spacious with more than enough room to accommodate any size group with high-speed Wi-Fi,numerous electrical outlets and or for the individual looking for a natural light setting to enjoy that morning cup of coffee. Located right outside downtown, it is perfect for business meetings with large, medium and small tables and a few comfortable lounging areas. My devotion and praise for A 2nd Cup is never-ending. My purpose is to simply introduce and invite Houstonians to A 2nd Cup, meet the talented baristas: Kyle, Sandra, Megan, Corey, Ashley, and Chris to name a few… and if you’re lucky, you’ll meet the driving force behind this groundbreaking cafe, Erica Raggett. Become a part of their initiative and fight against all forms of human trafficking, cup by cup. For more information about A 2nd Cup, please visit (a2ndcup.com). #TillEveryoneIsFREE #a2ndCup #TogetherWeCan